Ecuador Quito Mission: May 2015- November 2016

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

April 25, 2016

Hey fam! :)

We are still alive and kicking here in Puyo! Nobody from our mission has been able to go to the coast to help with the earthquake because the conditions are critical still and they are only letting military people and rescue teams in. 
Everything is going good though. We have a few families that have lost loved ones and family memebers that live in the coast but we just gotta keep teaching the plan of salvation! We had divisions this week and The hermana Leaders made me pancakes for breakfast for my birthday haha thay are the cutest. 
We also has the saddest little service ever. We passed by to visit an investigador and she was drunk and sleeping but her son came to the door and told us everything so we turned around to leave and right when we were about to step off of the side walk there was a dead cat. The little boy saw it too and he just started crying and crying and we cant hug him or anything so we just stood there staring at him until he stopped crying and after we helped him burry his little cat. We even made a little headstone for him. Poor little boy and the worst part was that his mom was drunk and wasnt going to help him.
In the sacrament meeting this week the young men were in charge of everything and gave the talks and everything. I think it was the funniest sacrament meeting of my life. There was one guy that had to talk about respecting women and he told us all that men need women to help them and support them to make good choices and lots of stuff. Right after he was explaining that women need men too but he couldnt think of a good reason so after a few minutes of silence he recieved the revelation that women need men to reproduce. Im pretty sure there wasnt a dry eye in the room because we were all laughing so hard. Oh the joys of the woung men and their wisdom!

I hope you are all doing good! I love you all lots!!
Hermana Brimhall

PS The elders had to bake the cake because we dont have an oven in our house but surprisingly it turned out good! haha

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