Ecuador Quito Mission: May 2015- November 2016

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

April 18, 2016

Hey fam bam!:)
Well Im sure you have all heard about the Earthquake by now but everything here in Puyo is great. We are like 7 hours away from where it hit hard. We felt the earthquake here too but it didnt do anything and all of the buildings here are still in tact. My heart hurts for all of the dear families that cant say the same but all we can do is pray lots!! They dont tell us a whol lot and we arent allowed to watch the news so you probably know more than I do haha!
This week was good though we had interviews with President Christensen and I seriously love that man and my dear momma in the mission aka Hermana Christensen. They are the great and I hope one day you can all get to meet them to know what I am talking about!!
One thing that he told us is that the only difference between Christ and Satan is that Christ smiles. Think about that for a minute! All we can do in those hard times is keep on smiling and working hard becasue its what our dear Savior would do. We know that have already won this war we just have to help others know that too so they can have a little hope. I love you all lots and I hope you are all doing great.
Lots and Lots of LOVE!!!
Hermana Brimhall
PS We got to play with monkeys today again!
PSS I got my Birthday packages! thanks mom and thanks dad!

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