Ecuador Quito Mission: May 2015- November 2016

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week 33

Hey fam!!

It was good to talk to you all and see your cute faces!! I love you all tons!! Christmas was great here in Ecuador!! There people take good care of me! haha We were able to see miracles the week and see the hand of the Lord in the work. This week we were teaching our investigator Kenice and shes not married but she wants to be she just doesnt have the money. We taught her about tithing and before we could even compremeterla pagarlo she asked us if we could help her pay when she goes to church. Yesterday she went to church and paid her tithing and everything. She doesnt work though she just has a little money that her husband gives her for food and everything so I think she felt a little embarassed because it wasnt a whole lot but we explained the story of the widow and she was super happy. She has such great faith and I know god will bless her with the money that she needs to get married. We are also doing little activities with her where she makes food and we have members and people buy from her to help her with the money. 
I also am learning new talents. I can now whistle to call taxis hahaha its a great thing!
I dont have a whole lot of time but lots more happened that I will fill you all in on in a different email! haha I love you tons and Hope you all have a happy new year!!! Take care!!!

Hermana Brimhall

Week 32

Hey Fam!
This is gonna be short because I will fill you in on all the good stuff on friday! but this week a bug flew in my ear and I could not get it out for the life of me and NOBODY believed me. It was flying around in there and everything and driving me nuts!! and then like 2 days later I cleaned my ear with a Qtip and it finlly came out and I went running to Hermana Sangredi to show her that im not crazy and she was dying laughing at me. I dont lie peeps. 
Also we had to teach a lesson in English and Hermana Sangredi studied so hard and taught parts of the lesson I was so proud of her! She has never had to speak english like that before and I was praying like crazy through the lesson that she could speak. Heavenly Father was looking out for us. I never knew it would be so hard to teach in English! haha I have forgot so much and I was talking so slow!! but it was okay because the lady is from Nigeria and speaks some other language and English is her second language.
All is well here!! I love you tons!! have a great week and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Love Hermana Brimhall

Week 31

Hey fam! 
 This week was good! As you can tell by the pics we had a little Christmas dinner with President and Hermana Christensen. They spoil us!! We played games and had a mini family home evening and played white elephant. We had lots of fun!
I got my other package and my companion and I are enjoying everything from the mustaches to the stocking and food haha THANKS A TON!! You guys all rock!!

This week we also had divisions and I got to go with my mom (Hermana Roach) again! I was so happy haha I love her so stinking much!! But we were in her sector and we had to contact a little because the lessons that we were going to werent there. We found this lady that was from Haiti and she could only speak a tiny bit of english and a tiny bit of spanish but she speaks French. Our conversation was really interesting! haha it was like playing sharades but she is the sweetest person ever!! We couldnt teach her because she didnt understand spanish very well so we just prayed with her. We figured out that God in French is Bonye (bunji) so we prayed to Bonye and I almost got the giggles. We get to know so many great people here. and I just love every single one of them!

I am doing great and I love you all tons!! I hope you are all doing good!


Hermana Brimhall

Week 30

So once upon a time the Thanksgiving dinner was great! haha we ate turkey and everything. They have 2 sons that live in Utah and know the tradition very well. We also played white elephant. I have pics for you.

Also Hermana Greer finished her mission!! it was sad but we did divisions on her birthday and ate like 50 pounds of cake. Im not goiong anywhere this cambio im with hermana Sangredi in Solanda again whoo hoo! We have a baptism this weekend and we are super pumped!! He is the dad of some kids that got baptized in september. Slowly but surely they are going to have an eternal family. We just need to find him a wife haha!
They also told us this week that the missions are going to be one week shorter so im going to be coming home the last week in Oct. of next year. I dont want to come home a week early but they changed the time that the people are in the MTC to 3 weeks instead of 2 for the people that dont have to learn a language so yeah it changes everything.
Oh my gosh... I think I had the most embarrasing moment this week hahahaha we were going to an activity in a taxi and I was only half listening because we were late. (we had to help an elder fill up the baptismal font with bucket of water becasue the water wasnt working). But the taxi driver told us that he took to gringas somewhere but they said they were prisioners. I was like "oh really? we are too!"..... in spanishi pisioners is prisioneras and I heard misioneras which is missionaries. I should probs listen better hahahahaha but I was dying laughing when I figured out what he really said and then I had to explain everything hahaha it was great...
I hope you are all doing good!!! I love you all and hope you had a great thanksgiving!!!


Hermana Brimhall

Week 29

Hey fam bam!
Today im on early because one of the leaders of the stake invited our whole zone to eat a thanksgiving dinner with him. They dont celebrate thanksgiving here but he is just doing a dinner cuz he loves us and he is awesome.
I dont have a whole lot of time again.. hahahaha but im doing great!! Our investigator that was going to get baptized moved to a different city (outside of our mission limits) the day before her baptism which was kinda sad but she told us that she is going to keep going to church and prepare to be baptized with the missionaries in that area. So im happy for that!! I have faith that she will be baptized still cuz shes awesome!! but also we have been working with a family and the kids already got baptized but the dad no and he finally accepted a baptismal date!!!! whoo hoo!!! hes going to be baptized in 2 weeks. He is awesome too and supports his kids so much and always takes them to the activity and everything.
We had interviews with President Christensen this week too and I seriously love him. He is so great!!! He takes such good care of us and know exactly what to say. I was kind of nervous because we had to practice teaching the book of mormon to him but it was good haha I worried for nothing.

The pics are of a cute little mom and daughter that are memebers of the ward here. they are the sweetest!

I love you all and hope you are doing good!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Brimhall

Week 28

Week 28
So once upon a time I forget that not all people know the mission rules. one of them is that we cant eat at the same table as people that are single men over the age of 12 and the same for the elders but that you know this you will understand me a little better hahaha We went to go eat at our pensionistas house and they had a guest that was eating so they put our food on the table too and we were talking with this friend of theirs and after I asked him how old he was and he said 17. (I was thinking oh shoot we cant eat with him if hes not married) So then right after I asked him if he was married and everyone started laughing and it took me about a good 5 minutes to fingure out why every one was laughing. i really wasnt thinking haha it was great... but anyways now for the good stuff!!
This week we have had so many little miracles!! We were contacting houses and a cute little old lady told us to come in before we even presented ourselves. We were slightly confused and thought for a second that she was a member but as we were teaching she told us that she had prayed that morning that 2 of God´s servant could come visit her because lives a lone and doesnt have a whole lot of friends but now she has two more whoo hoo! and She was seriously so great!! She acepted a baptismal date so easily and is absolutely wonderful. 

Our dearest Rosario has to wait another week to get baptized because she had an alergic reaction to something and had to go to the hospital so she couldnt come to church. Keep praying for her! She is super excited and doing great!!
Oh my goodness!! i felt so bad this week... I paid for our rent with false money and I didnt even know it haha! The landlord came back and gave me that money and told us what had happened cuz we had to pay him again with real money. Poor people! There is a big problem with fake money here because they dont have a lot of real money. What more can ya do!? haha
We went to a cable cart thing today.. its like a giant skii lift and we basically went hiking for like 4 hours and it was so great! i have lots of pics! I had to summon my inner karate kid to take one of them....

I love you tons and hope you are all doing great!!!!

Hermana Brimhall