Ecuador Quito Mission: May 2015- November 2016

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week 28

Week 28
So once upon a time I forget that not all people know the mission rules. one of them is that we cant eat at the same table as people that are single men over the age of 12 and the same for the elders but that you know this you will understand me a little better hahaha We went to go eat at our pensionistas house and they had a guest that was eating so they put our food on the table too and we were talking with this friend of theirs and after I asked him how old he was and he said 17. (I was thinking oh shoot we cant eat with him if hes not married) So then right after I asked him if he was married and everyone started laughing and it took me about a good 5 minutes to fingure out why every one was laughing. i really wasnt thinking haha it was great... but anyways now for the good stuff!!
This week we have had so many little miracles!! We were contacting houses and a cute little old lady told us to come in before we even presented ourselves. We were slightly confused and thought for a second that she was a member but as we were teaching she told us that she had prayed that morning that 2 of God´s servant could come visit her because lives a lone and doesnt have a whole lot of friends but now she has two more whoo hoo! and She was seriously so great!! She acepted a baptismal date so easily and is absolutely wonderful. 

Our dearest Rosario has to wait another week to get baptized because she had an alergic reaction to something and had to go to the hospital so she couldnt come to church. Keep praying for her! She is super excited and doing great!!
Oh my goodness!! i felt so bad this week... I paid for our rent with false money and I didnt even know it haha! The landlord came back and gave me that money and told us what had happened cuz we had to pay him again with real money. Poor people! There is a big problem with fake money here because they dont have a lot of real money. What more can ya do!? haha
We went to a cable cart thing today.. its like a giant skii lift and we basically went hiking for like 4 hours and it was so great! i have lots of pics! I had to summon my inner karate kid to take one of them....

I love you tons and hope you are all doing great!!!!

Hermana Brimhall

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