Ecuador Quito Mission: May 2015- November 2016

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week 11

Hello my lovely fam,

This week has been good! We had our baptism for our sweet investigator on Saturday but thats a funny story... Our ward mission leader was out of town and we didnt have gas for hot water and the font wouldnt fill up. We have the best district leader ever and him and his companion stayed at the church for about 3 hours filling it with the hose from outside and boiling buckets of water so it wasnt ice cold. (in the pic Elder Maw and Elder Shaw) 

Its kinda cool because Jennifer (our investigator) was my very first lesson that I taught here in the mission field. Its been so awesome seeing her grow and watching how the gospel has changed her and made her stronger.

This week Hermana Roach and I have had goals of following the spirit better and finding new people to teach. At the first of the week we had a really cool experience. We were walking towards the other end of our sector and we both felt like we should walk the other way. Our appointment for that hour had fallen so we were just contacting people. Abut 30 minutes lady we were walking towards a lady and two of her kids and we just asked if we could present ourselves but before we even could she just started crying and told us that she needed a hug and so of course we just stood in the street hugging a complete stranger.(I have learned in the mission that nobody is a stranger.) She told us all of the things that had been happening and we just walked home with her because she was still really shaken up. We have had a couple of lessons with her and she is excited to learn more. The Lord really does prepare people for greater things through their trials. In our district meeting this week we talked about looking for the tender mercies every day because their are so many in the mission! We have been able to recognize the little blessings every day and its so great!!! 

Something funny though is that we were in a taxi and the guy started speaking English to us but it sounds more like a rapper talking so of course I got the giggles. He told us that he had lived in USA for like 25 years but he used to be a biker and then he went to california and lived with the surfer dudes for a few years. His English was so funny and he was using phrases like "main squeeze" and "ahhh man" after every thing and so much slang it was so hilarious! He told us a joke about a black guy that went to a doctor and he came home wearing a suit so somebody asked him what was wrong with him and he just says "ahhh nothin man. the doc says im inpotent" (idk how to spell) but like important hahahahaha I was dying. These people are great!!!

ps. the drawing is from a little girl we are teaching, she is a cutie

I love you all!!!!
Hermana Brimhall

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 10

Hey Fam.
This week was a little tough with investigators because the Pope of the Catholic church paid us a little visit. Lots of people had questions for us about him and what we thought about him. I did not actually see him but he was in Quito and I think Guajaquil (I spelt that wrong) too. We had our new missionary varification meeting this week too with President Christensen and ALL of the new missionaries. It was fun to see all my friends from the CCM again! But really President and Hermana Christensen are so awesome! He takes such good care of all of the missionaries here. He knows all of the apostles and President Monson because he worked with them so he always tells us personal experiences and stories and I LOVE IT!! And Hermana Christensen is so sweet! She always makes us such good food when we have meetings! haha its the best.

All is well here! Our baptism is going to be next week! Yay!
I love you all so so much!!

Week 9

My dear sweet people,

I learned a valuable lesson this week. THEY DONT SEAL THE SINKS IN ECUADOR. I kind of flooded out kitchen hahahaha its a great story. So once upon a time I was doing the dishes but our sink has been draining really slow so I knew it was getting clogged but anyways... After I finished the dishes the water wasnt draining at all and I couldnt get in the drain because its the weird screw ones here so I loosened the screw a tiny bit to get a knife down there but that was a big mistake! Water was gushing out and the cabinet doors flew open and a fountain of water was just pouring out. hahahaha Hermana Roach is seriously the best companion every becasue we both just started laughing so hard and our whole kitchen was soaked and man it was a mess hahaha. Its a good thing that everything here is concrete and not wood.

Oh! and I shouldnt not have joked about taking singing lessons before going on a mission because we had to sing in a baptism on saturday. Hermana Roach and I had to sing the first verse completely by ourselves and we were both freaking out hahaha Im convinced we are the same person in different bodies because we are somuch alike. Its so much fun! Our sweet little investigator had something come up this week so she is getting baptized on saturday now. But she is so strong! I love her so much. Satan really is the devil! He works so hard with our investigators when its close to their baptisms and I know its so hard but they are so strong and wonderful and the people here are so so so awesome!! Its so great to be able to have spiritual experiences every single day. I wish I could I time to write them all but just know that this really is the Lords work and when we are submissive to the spirit it is such a great feeling!!! I LOVE IT!!!

As I mentioned before my district is a bunch of small town rednecks and of course we had to have a 4th of July party haha! we had hamburgers and deviled eggs and pretty much all the american food we could find haha and on saturday we all cooked for our pensionista and her family and they loved our American food! It was great! Oh and Elder Gallup and Elder Mankings (the zone leaders) played the National Anthem and all sorts of patriotic songs haha by the end of our little lunch extavaganza the son of our pensionista was walking around saying ´merica hahaha it was great.

I love you all lots and I got my package this week!! Thank you momma! I promise ill be better about pictures. Hermana Roach and I both appreciate the jerky!!!! 


Hermana Brimhall

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Week 8

Hola to my peeps,

I still dont have much time to write because we just got back from the bull fighting thing. It was pretty funny because my whole district is north americans which is really weird haha but its so fun because everyone gets along super well. The bull fighting thing here in Conocoto is because they are celebrating their foundation of the city. Im not really sure how to say that in English but you get the point haha Since its more of a "small town" event anybody can go into the area and it was pretty entertaining not going to lie. But they have been celebrating since saturday which makes mission work a little harder becasue there are lots of drunk people. but hey! it makes it easier to get references hahaha totally kidding. My companion and I just took taxis in between visits at night. 

But we have a baptism this week for the sweetest young woman EVER! She was my first lesson here in the mission and she seriously is like a golden investigator. Im so so happy for her because I know she is about to be blessed so much more. Our other lessons were a little strange this week haha Im not really sure what happened because one day a lady was telling us all about Satan and stuff so that was interesting. Sometimes its a blessing only understanding half of what people say to me haha But im doing so so so good!!!

Oh and we had a special district meeting because all of us were missing buscuits and gravy so Hermana Roach and I made it for every one and we just studied as a district. Our pensionista is going to throw us a party because we asked haha Shes going to make hamburgers and American food for us haha She is the best. 

Congrats to my little nugget Ashy Poo on your mission call. The mission life is the best! Even the hard or tough days in the mission are so so so good. 

Hermana Brimhall