Ecuador Quito Mission: May 2015- November 2016

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week 11

Hello my lovely fam,

This week has been good! We had our baptism for our sweet investigator on Saturday but thats a funny story... Our ward mission leader was out of town and we didnt have gas for hot water and the font wouldnt fill up. We have the best district leader ever and him and his companion stayed at the church for about 3 hours filling it with the hose from outside and boiling buckets of water so it wasnt ice cold. (in the pic Elder Maw and Elder Shaw) 

Its kinda cool because Jennifer (our investigator) was my very first lesson that I taught here in the mission field. Its been so awesome seeing her grow and watching how the gospel has changed her and made her stronger.

This week Hermana Roach and I have had goals of following the spirit better and finding new people to teach. At the first of the week we had a really cool experience. We were walking towards the other end of our sector and we both felt like we should walk the other way. Our appointment for that hour had fallen so we were just contacting people. Abut 30 minutes lady we were walking towards a lady and two of her kids and we just asked if we could present ourselves but before we even could she just started crying and told us that she needed a hug and so of course we just stood in the street hugging a complete stranger.(I have learned in the mission that nobody is a stranger.) She told us all of the things that had been happening and we just walked home with her because she was still really shaken up. We have had a couple of lessons with her and she is excited to learn more. The Lord really does prepare people for greater things through their trials. In our district meeting this week we talked about looking for the tender mercies every day because their are so many in the mission! We have been able to recognize the little blessings every day and its so great!!! 

Something funny though is that we were in a taxi and the guy started speaking English to us but it sounds more like a rapper talking so of course I got the giggles. He told us that he had lived in USA for like 25 years but he used to be a biker and then he went to california and lived with the surfer dudes for a few years. His English was so funny and he was using phrases like "main squeeze" and "ahhh man" after every thing and so much slang it was so hilarious! He told us a joke about a black guy that went to a doctor and he came home wearing a suit so somebody asked him what was wrong with him and he just says "ahhh nothin man. the doc says im inpotent" (idk how to spell) but like important hahahahaha I was dying. These people are great!!!

ps. the drawing is from a little girl we are teaching, she is a cutie

I love you all!!!!
Hermana Brimhall

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