Ecuador Quito Mission: May 2015- November 2016

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Week 3

This week has been really good!! We got to hear from Elder Alverez on Monday. He is from the area 70 and he talked about raising the bar as missionaries. We are expected to be more worthy, focused, and obedient because we now have all of the resources to do so. On Tuesday we heard a devotional broadcast from Provo and Elder Holland spoke. He is such a powerful speaker!!! He focused on converting ourselves before we try to convert others and to also stay converted once we return home. He also talked about how we need to open our mouths! When Joseph Smith prayed about which church was true Satan took away his power to speak. He didn't have the power to take Joseph Smiths life but his voice was the next greatest power that he had. I JUST LOVED IT! and its about infinity times better coming from an apostle!

The Hermana trio from my district are the new Hermana leaders here and they gave the lesson in Spanish on Sunday is relief society! I was so proud of them. This whole language thing is tough but its so amazing to see how far we have all come.

A lot of the people here have problems with the food but I do not hahahaha They are all impressed with my eating abilities. One night President Duvall was helping them all out with a little extra fiber from this special fruit and they didn't tell me what it was for. They just told me to try it and I did! It tasted really good but it was a bad idea... My health and everything is all really good! My teachers do this thing called the Spanish workout and we have to do squats every time they hear us speaking English hahah its actually really funny!! 

The teachers, missionaries, and all of the people here are so much fun and so so so sweet!! You don't have to worry about me not being loved because I get kisses from the Latinas about every day! Yesterday the cook made all of the North Americans Mickey Mouse pancakes! hahaha It was the cutest thing ever!!! They are soooo good to me here and I absolutely love everyone!! One of the sweet Latina Hermanas told me that its okay that I don't know Spanish because I have a contagious smile haha! I guess I got something going for me!
The gospel is true people! I am doing so good and I appreciate all of the love and prayers!!!

I Love you all with my whole heart!!
Hermana Brimhall

Friday, May 22, 2015

Week 2

Week two has gone by very fast! Not much has happened since I talked to you on Saturday haha but! its been good and I absolutely love it here:) Every P/day we get to go to the temple so we just barely got back from there. We have to do everything in Spanish and I'm pretty sure I said about every single word wrong hahaha! Its a good thing the Holy Ghost speaks all languages because even after messing everything up the Spirit is so strong in the temple!! I love it there and I miss all my cute little temple workers!!

Yesterday we were practicing teaching just in our little classroom in my district and we were teaching about El Libro de Mormón and after I read Moroni´s promise in Moroni 10: 3-5 I just started crying like uncontrollably and I was the one teaching so all I could say was that I know the things in this book are true. I felt so dumb because I have read that scripture infinity times and we were only practicing so it wasn't even a real lesson. But I really do know that the Book of Mormon is true and that it contains the answers to any questions or problems I might have. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!! 

When we were in the temple I was just thinking about all of my future investigators and that is where I want them to be. We have been talking a lot about not just getting baptisms but helping all people become truly converted to the gospel of Jesucristo in a way that they will know that they are loved and strive to live righteous lives. I'm so excited to be able to serve those people waiting for me! I just wish my Spanish was better so I could actually say the things I want hahaha!! All is absolutely perfect here. I love you all more than fat kids love cake!!

On a less serious note I'm pretty much a spider slayer hahaha all my cute little Norte Hermanas are scared of them. Also there is the pico stuff here that is SOOOOO HOT!! but it is so good haha One of the Hermanas is really sensitive to hot foods and she ate a bunch and her face was literally firetruck red and Im pretty sure there was steam coming out of her ears! But all of the Latinos were dying laughing haha it was so funny! But one of the Hermanas in my room was so so so sick yesterday and she was throwing up all night. It was so sad! I woke up about infinity times because the Latinos all left early this morning like 3 am and idk how but all the other Hermanas in my room slept through everything and I have no clue how!! One of the times that Hermana Markle was throwing up last night though I went over and was just checking on her and rubbing her back and this morning she told me that she had been praying that somebody would wake up because she was having a hard time being away from family and being so sick, I love how the Lord has the simplest ways of helping us help and serve others. Moral of the Story: If you wake up infinity times a night its for a good cause so enjoy it! haha I really do LOVE you all!! and I hope you're doing absolutely wonderful!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Week 1

My first P-Day!! yay!! We got to go to the temple here this morning and it is absolutely beautiful!!!! Days like today I know this church is true with my whole heart. There is nothing that I doubt because the power of God and the Holy Ghost are absolutely amazing and perfect!!

I know I mentioned the crazy drivers last time but it is insane. In the movies about Rome and little cars and motorcycles serving in and out of traffic without even looking. That is exactly how it is here! There are even people that walk down the middle of the freeway trying to sell things because the traffic is so congested that they can do that all day. and i thought rush hour in the valley was bad...

Learning Spanish is seriously one of the hardest things I have ever done. Its so humbling and I used to think I was smart or something but that is definitely not the case with Spanish! Its pretty funny though because so many words are close to each other and conjugations are confusing which makes for funny errors. I was teaching a lesson so our investigator Renzo aka our teacher Hermano Herrera I accidentally said we all have fish instead of we all have sin because the words are pecado and pescado. I also asked a girl if she liked sin one time when we were eating fish for dinner hahahaha the joys of a new language! I also called myself an apostle because I used the nosotros conjugations and so my other teacher calls me "Hermana Elder Brimhall" now. I just want to make it clear that I'm not an apostle haha. 

In class we were talking about the restoration and someone asked why Joseph Smith had to be so young to restore the gospel since that is a problem that some people have. there is a scripture in Matthew 9:17 that explains it perfectly! He had to have a sort of innocence that wouldn't pollute the teaching of the gospel. If someone older was to receive all that Joseph Smith did it wouldn't have been the pure gospel that it is.

I love you all and I am doing amazing!!! Email me and let me know how you are doing and what you are up to!!

Hermana Brimhall

PS these keyboards are in Spanish so if words are spelled wrong just ignore it or mentally fix it yourself

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Beginning of a Wonderful Journey

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 I begin my trek as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I made it! Colombia is absolutely beautiful. Sorry but I dont think Im ever coming home. All of my flights went well and only one sister almost got smashed in the train at the Atlanta Airport haha! On the airplane to Colombia the flight attendant was passing out customs paperwork and he asked me in Spanish if I was a Colombian resident and I just nodded my head because I didn't know what he was saying so he just started laughing really hard! The lady next to me was American so both of us just started laughing too and he said in English that if I dont know what he is saying I need the papers haha! We got here after 11 last night and the people here are crazy drivers!!  My MTC President and his wife are so so so nice!! love them!! My companion is Hermana Cordon! She is one of the girls I met in Utah. There is only about 55 missionaries in the MTC right now and I'm pretty sure only about 10 know English. Us five Hermanas that traveled together are the only English speaking sisters here. 

Words of Wisdom: The C in the showers here mean calor (hot!) not cold and the F means frio but I think it should mean freezing.

The Farewell Gathering

On Sunday, April 19, 2015, my family and friends gathered together to wish me the best on my mission. Thank you! Love you all.