Ecuador Quito Mission: May 2015- November 2016

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 27

hi to everyone!!
This week was good! Hermana Sangredi and I are basically pros at finding our way around in our sector now. I still think its a maze but after 6 weeks im finally figuring it out! haha We are still finding lots of new people and working hard! We have some people progressing and getting ready to be baptized in two weeks! whoo hoo! We have one investigator thats my favorite person ever. Shes like 60 years old and the best thing that ever happened to this world. She reciently helpedbake the biggest cake in the world (or so she says). It was an activity for the celebration of the day of the dead. She also is allergic to pretty much everything outside of her house so we asked her if she wanted a blessing and she said yeah! when are they going to come and heal me?! She has great faith of loves going to church and we are going to keep working hard with her! Keep her in your prayers!
OH! I finished the book of mormon in spanish! haha finally! It only took me 6 months! But that doesnt matter haha its still as true as ever! Nothing else really happened this week. Just walkin, talking, and preaching! nothing else. Asi es la vida!
I love you tons and hope you are all doing great!! Have a good week:)

Hermana Brimhall

Week 26

Hey Everyone!!

I dont have a whole lot of time to write today but I have some good pics! My distict is super fun and our district leader is always pulling pranks on everyone. He has this Whoopie cushon that he brings everywhere and everyone always gives him the craziest looks haha

This week was good though! we are still working hard! We were contacting one day and this little 5 year old boy walks up and goes "hola guapas!" I was dying laughing and I could hardly talk. It was great! We are finding lots of new people still and a lot of new less actives. We are working with a family of less actives and they have been coming to church and are getting ready to go to the temple in december!!! My heart is so happy for them!!! 
We went to this place called Mr. Joy today and its basically like a giant chucky cheese for big people haha its great!
I love you all tons!!!

Hermana Brimhall

this is what $10 of fruit looks like here in ecuador! its so cheap!

Week 25

Hey everyone!
Im doing great here in Ecuador! Hermana Sangredi is a gem. We are finding lots of new people! This week we found a lady contacting and when we were inviting her to be baptized she told us that she was already baptized into this church. She told us the whole story of how she worked for a lady when she was 17 and she was a member. She now is like 60 or something and she never went to church again after she was baptized because she didnt really understand what was going on .  We were a little confused so we had to have the asistents look her up to see if she was baptized but it turns out since she never went back to church she never got the holy ghost so her baptism was never complete. Now she wants to be baptized and wants to do everything in the right way. She is great and we are working hard with her.

We have a couple that we are teaching and they arent married but they also want to be baptized! The girlfriend is from Colombia and the boyfriend is from the Coast. He talks so fast and I can hardly understand him sometimes because the people from the coast dont pronunciate all the letters. Its great haha for this reason we have a little extra help from God. But they are wonderful and I just love them all. They are great and we have lots more work to do!
I love you all tons and hope you are doing great!!!

Hermana Brimhall

Week 24

Hey Everyone! 
We had cambios today and I got the sweetest little bolivian companion in the whole wide world. Her name is Hermana Sangredi. We just barely got back to our sector because she came from rio bamba so we were in transit place all morning. Im still in Solanda and I only have 3 weeks here so we are going to be learning this sector together! haha its seriously such a maze! Before I came here I was talking about the corn maze and how fun it is and I think this is how Heavenly Father is showing his humor. I get to walk through a maze all day every day! haha

We had such a wonderful experience this week though! We have been working with a lady since I got here and she didnt really have the desires to go to church or anything so we were getting ready to drop her but when we went to visit her this week it was completly different! We started the lesson and she told us that she was going to stay in her house alone this weekend just because she wanted to go to church and her kids were going to Ibarra. She told us that she had recieved her answer that the church is true and she wants to do everything she can to feel it again and get to know more. The spirit was so strong and I just love that woman!! 

All is going really well here! Sad to see Hermana Greer but at least she is still in my zone! She is my hermana leader so I will still get to see her every thursday and when we do divisions. I love you all and hope that you are enjoying hunting season! haha 

PS the pic of the gym is because they know that you (dad) were so buff that they had to name a gym after you..


Hermana Brimhall