Ecuador Quito Mission: May 2015- November 2016

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 9

My dear sweet people,

I learned a valuable lesson this week. THEY DONT SEAL THE SINKS IN ECUADOR. I kind of flooded out kitchen hahahaha its a great story. So once upon a time I was doing the dishes but our sink has been draining really slow so I knew it was getting clogged but anyways... After I finished the dishes the water wasnt draining at all and I couldnt get in the drain because its the weird screw ones here so I loosened the screw a tiny bit to get a knife down there but that was a big mistake! Water was gushing out and the cabinet doors flew open and a fountain of water was just pouring out. hahahaha Hermana Roach is seriously the best companion every becasue we both just started laughing so hard and our whole kitchen was soaked and man it was a mess hahaha. Its a good thing that everything here is concrete and not wood.

Oh! and I shouldnt not have joked about taking singing lessons before going on a mission because we had to sing in a baptism on saturday. Hermana Roach and I had to sing the first verse completely by ourselves and we were both freaking out hahaha Im convinced we are the same person in different bodies because we are somuch alike. Its so much fun! Our sweet little investigator had something come up this week so she is getting baptized on saturday now. But she is so strong! I love her so much. Satan really is the devil! He works so hard with our investigators when its close to their baptisms and I know its so hard but they are so strong and wonderful and the people here are so so so awesome!! Its so great to be able to have spiritual experiences every single day. I wish I could I time to write them all but just know that this really is the Lords work and when we are submissive to the spirit it is such a great feeling!!! I LOVE IT!!!

As I mentioned before my district is a bunch of small town rednecks and of course we had to have a 4th of July party haha! we had hamburgers and deviled eggs and pretty much all the american food we could find haha and on saturday we all cooked for our pensionista and her family and they loved our American food! It was great! Oh and Elder Gallup and Elder Mankings (the zone leaders) played the National Anthem and all sorts of patriotic songs haha by the end of our little lunch extavaganza the son of our pensionista was walking around saying ´merica hahaha it was great.

I love you all lots and I got my package this week!! Thank you momma! I promise ill be better about pictures. Hermana Roach and I both appreciate the jerky!!!! 


Hermana Brimhall

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