Ecuador Quito Mission: May 2015- November 2016

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Week 8

Hola to my peeps,

I still dont have much time to write because we just got back from the bull fighting thing. It was pretty funny because my whole district is north americans which is really weird haha but its so fun because everyone gets along super well. The bull fighting thing here in Conocoto is because they are celebrating their foundation of the city. Im not really sure how to say that in English but you get the point haha Since its more of a "small town" event anybody can go into the area and it was pretty entertaining not going to lie. But they have been celebrating since saturday which makes mission work a little harder becasue there are lots of drunk people. but hey! it makes it easier to get references hahaha totally kidding. My companion and I just took taxis in between visits at night. 

But we have a baptism this week for the sweetest young woman EVER! She was my first lesson here in the mission and she seriously is like a golden investigator. Im so so happy for her because I know she is about to be blessed so much more. Our other lessons were a little strange this week haha Im not really sure what happened because one day a lady was telling us all about Satan and stuff so that was interesting. Sometimes its a blessing only understanding half of what people say to me haha But im doing so so so good!!!

Oh and we had a special district meeting because all of us were missing buscuits and gravy so Hermana Roach and I made it for every one and we just studied as a district. Our pensionista is going to throw us a party because we asked haha Shes going to make hamburgers and American food for us haha She is the best. 

Congrats to my little nugget Ashy Poo on your mission call. The mission life is the best! Even the hard or tough days in the mission are so so so good. 

Hermana Brimhall

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