Ecuador Quito Mission: May 2015- November 2016

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Week 7

hola to my peeps,


okay not really but it serious is so wonderful here and the people are absolutely amazing!! My trainer is from Indiana and she is the best!! Her name is Hermana Roach and she has a twin serving in Peru. We get along soooo good.

In out district we only have one Latino and a bunch of gringos and they joke and say we have the redneck district because most of us are from small towns of they are obsessed with hunting or fishing. We have a little too much fun. 

There is a lady that has a little store and every time we pass by her she gives us something. This week she gave us food and some roses and it was her birthday we she bought a cake to share with us so we sang happy birthday to her in English. She is absolutely adorable and seriously all of the people here have the biggest hearts. 

We have a pensionista so we eat lunch and dinner with her. She makes us food like every day. We only have to prepare breakfast on our own. Im pretty sure thats cheating haha but its whatever! Im going to come home soooo chubby. We eat like crazy. Ive already had chicken feet soup but it really wasnt that bad haha. Im sure thats not the worst thing I will try.

One of the hombres aqui call me Hermana Esmeralda because its a place in Ecuador where the people are really dark (Hermana Montaño was from there). But its a joke because they cant say Brimhall right. Its seriously the best thing ever haha. 

We had a baptism on saturday for a super sweet 10 year old girl. I shouldnt say "we" because I didnt teach a single lesson to her haha she was already getting baptize when I got here. But we are hoping to have two more in the near future. Its seriously so wonderful here.

Im in Conocoto which is outside of Quito. Its kind of in a valley so its a little hotter here but its still absolutely beautiful. I already have some pretty bad tan lines! Im going to be black in 18 months!!
But seriously I love it here and its going soooo well. I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Hermana Brimhall

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