Ecuador Quito Mission: May 2015- November 2016

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week 4


On Saturday we had our proselyting activity where we are bused into a different part of the city and spend 3 hours just sharing short messages and getting references for the other missionaries to teach! Its always so much fun and full of funny experiences because my companion and I still don't speak Spanish very well hahaha its great! One of the people told us that we should probably go back to our own country and preach in our own language hahahah I just laugh about it because one day im going to rock this language and it will be even more funny. Some Jehovah witnesses tried to convert us too and another man just yelled at us. OH! and another guy explained all about reincarnation and how we don't have spirits and all sorts of interesting things. I got pretty good at saying thank you for your time and have a good day. There are always the few people who are willing to listen and one of them was a sweet young girl. She was probably our age and was wanting more information about everything we talked about with her. I hope she gets a good set of missionaries to teach her!!

Sundays here in the CCM are kinda different. All of the missionaries prepare talks on assigned topics and then in sacrament meeting they call people up to give their talks so we never know who is speaking until after church has started. Anyways, this Sunday I was called up to give my testimony is Spanish and I was just praying I could remember the words I wanted to say! It went well and I only conjugated one word wrong haha but then I fixed it. Those darn conjugations will getcha! But then all of the Hermanas sang How Great Thou Art in Spanish (I think its really called Grande Eres Tú) but it was really pretty!! The spirit was amazing!!

Our role play lessons these past two weeks have been with Gabriel and Alberto (aka Hermano Gomez and Hermano Barragan) and in the last lessons with both of them they stopped and explained that those people are real people that they had baptized in their missions and gave us the updates on how they are living today. Its so great so see the whole picture! We don't just want baptisms. We want faithful converts who can enjoy the blessings of eternal families! This is such a wonderful work!

Today we went to the temple again and of course it was wonderful! but after my district got to go on a tour in a different part of the city! It was so awesome!! We went up to the top of Mount Monserrate and you just have to google it because I cant describe it! We rode in these little cart things on a cable up the mountain and its just so green and beautiful and AHH! 

I loved it! At the top you can see the whole city because its so high! My companion has pics and Ill forward them to you but it was so great! and at the top of the mountain there is this church and it was a big statue of the fallen Christ. Its actually a really neat looking church! They have those holy water things in all of the little areas for the people who want to use it and stuff but it was just a great experience.

After that we were to the Gold Museum and walked through and there was a ton of historical stuff and how they made all of the little jewelery things and stuff like that. We walked through some little market things too and there is alpaca stuff EVERYWHERE! its so great haha when I get to Ecuador I am so gettting one!!!

Everything here is great and wonderful!! i love you all tons!!!

Hermana Brimhall

PS I get my Latina companion tomorrow! Wish me luck haha Hopefully she speaks a little English or at least Spanglish

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