Ecuador Quito Mission: May 2015- November 2016

Monday, September 26, 2016

August 15

Dear fam bam! 

This week was great! We are finding some new families to teach! We also had a conference like every day! We had leadership cousel, zone conference and mini conference. Hermana Gardiner and I are pretty much pros at giving capacitaciones. We have given like 4 in the past 2 weeks. All is well here in paradise! I dont have a lot of time to write but thats nothing new! haha I love you all tons!!

Embarressing moment of the week: So I let Hermana Peralta wear one of my slips and she finished her mission so she left it in the offices for me and I wore my white skirt to the zone conference. Long story short I forgot to put on a slip and you could totally see right through my skirt. SO the mission nurses came like an hour before the conference was finished and they gave me a little bag and it just so happened to be my slip! I was so happy! Nurses save lives my dear fam!

I hope you all have a good week!!!
Hermana Brimhall

Ps we went bowling again

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