Ecuador Quito Mission: May 2015- November 2016

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 19

WHAT? what? Peanut Blart and Jelly.
haha thats been stuck in my head all week and my companion doesnt understand why I say that hahahaha... but anyways. This week was great! Hermana Molina and I have been working so hard. We had like a bajillion contacts and we found some new investigators! We are working with a family and they are the greatest! I love them so much! They cant get baptized yet though because they arent married. They want to get married and be baptized but they dont have the money to do it. We are praying like crazy for them! They have 4 kids and the littlest one is like 1 year old and hes my best friend ever. We also found a lady thats a single mom with 2 daughters and they are great as well. The daughter has 13 years and wants to be baptized. She is such a mature and faithful young girl! She amazes me with her questions and how much she understands! We also have another family we are working with and the dad is super prepared but we are waiting for his wife so we can baptize the whole family together. That was the wish of the father was to bautizarse con su familia.So we are waiting and praying patiently.
But Hermana Molina is great. She is such a little jokester haha I never know what she is plotting on me. We get along great becasue we are constantly teasing eachother. After a lesson with a menos active they gave us some soup and Hermana Molina couldnt get the salt to come out and I got the giggles so bad. i had just taking a big bite and I was choking so bad I had tears running down my face and Hermana Molina wouldnt even help me she was just laughing even harder than me. The poor family was just staring at us like were were fools or something haha it was great. 
Not much more happened this week. Just WORK WORK WORK! Its so great! I love it here in Ecuador and I feel like I learn so much every day. I love you and hope you are all doing great!! Take care.
I dont have my camera with me but I will send some pics next week!


Hermana Brimhall

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