Ecuador Quito Mission: May 2015- November 2016

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 18

Today we had our cambios! Hermana Terranova finished her mission so we had to say our sweet goodbyes last night. Elder Gallup (the old zone leader) finished his mission too so we ate about 500 times yesterday!! Im okay with that haha. All of the members wanted to feed us. I guess thats the good thing about missionaries finishing but its a little bit sad because we dont get to see them again. I know that I will have friends from the mission forever. I love my little missionaries and Ecuadorians.
Anyways, my new companion is Hermana Molina. I already LOVE her. She is from Argentina and loves to work but shes hilarious haha. We are going to get a long great. A bunch of misisonaries left and not as many are coming so we are getting the whole sector of the Elders and they are going to a different sector. They also combines our zone with a different one so now we have the biggest zone in the mission with 28 missionaries! 
We are preparing a little 8 year old to be baptized and her dads not a memeber but her mom/grandma has been a memeber forever. We had never met the dad and when we finally did this week we were all just talking and getting to know him and everything and the Hermana had to go get something in the kitchen so it was just us and him for like 2 seconds and we asked him if he was a member. He told us that he was a Jehovs witness. It got real awkward for a second and then he just started busting up laughing and goes no no no im not a memeber in any church. Its only funny because there are SO many Jehova witnesses here and they are really extreme. I have repect for them because they actually live what they teach but its just funny because its so hard to talk with them because they are all like missionaries too so they just try to talk over us and change everything haha but its whatever. They are all children of God too so we just gotta love them!

I dont have much from this week though just a lot of pictures!
I love you all tons!!!!

Hermana Brimhall

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