Ecuador Quito Mission: May 2015- November 2016

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 22

Dearest fam and friends,
This week was good! Hermana Greer and I are working hard! Our sector is seriously a maze. Im glad she was here for a cambio and a half before me because im so lost all the time hahaha! There are all these secret passages and inside each one is a million houses!But its great!Im starting to fall in love with this sector too. The people here are so sweet. Nobody here can really say Brimhall so one family called me Hermana Brigham Young!haha My momma (Hermana Roach) is in my zone now too!! Shes my hermana leader so Ill get to do divisions with her! Hermana Greer is the greatest in the whole wide world!!! I love her so much and we work great together and have lots of fun along the way! We also have this family of less actives that own a cake shop and its dangerous! Im going to get so chubby here haha I eat cake or cookies or something fromthem like every time we pass by! 
OH AND THE BEST news is that we have a washer!!!!!!! yay!!! The other house we had to hand wash and take some stuff to the laundry mat. Im so grateful for washers.Pretty mush nobody here has dryers though but there is a clothes line on the top of our house whcih works just as good haha
Im doing good and loving the mish!! I love you are all doing good and I love you all tons!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Brimhall

President Christensen showed up at our zone activity today and he kicked the soccer ball over the you can tell everyone was a little disappointed including him hahaha

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