Ecuador Quito Mission: May 2015- November 2016

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 23

It had to be a good week because Ecuador beat Argentina in soccer haha Everyone here was walking around in their jerseys proud as can be. It was pretty funny because everyone thought they were going to lose but afterwards were all acting like they knew it all along. Oh Ecuador.. haha 
I dont have much news for you this week just that we are doing good and Im still lost in this maze of a sector but Hermana Greer knows where we are so its okay haha. We are finding lots of new people! its great!!
The husband of our pensionista has a birthday this week so today all of us missionaries made them french toast and fruit salad for breakfast. We had a ton of extra fruit salad and they used it all! For once we ate a mountain of fruit instead of a mountain of rice.
I love you all!!! 
Hermana Brimhall

this note melted my heart haha cutest thing ever. from a cute little girl that we are teaching because her fam are less actives.

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